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Would you like to volunteer your time and energy to help our community?

You can have a positive impact in our community by joining

Junior Auxiliary of Conway.

What is involved in being a member?

Provisional Training

Once you have been invited and have accepted our invitation to join Junior Auxiliary of Conway, you will enter Provisional Training.  During Provisional Training you will learn all about our chapter and our national organization and how you can use your gifts and talents to serve our community.

  • Provisional Training-September thru April
  • 36 hours education
  • $45.00 dues

Active Members

Once you have successfully completed your year of Provisional Training, you will become an Active Member of Junior Auxiliary of Conway.  During your Active Member years, you will have the opportunity to work on all JA projects, along with creating new projects within our community.  Your Active Member status is a 5 year commitment, but service in Junior Auxiliary can last a lifetime!

  • 24 Service Hours
  • 12 Education Hours
  • Administration Hours
  • Finance Hours
  • A total of 45 Hours per year
  • $60.00 annual dues
  • Monthly Meetings --2nd Thursday of each month


Anyone can be a Benefactor!

Make a donation to Junior Auxiliary of Conway by supporting our fundraisers.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so charitable donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a cash donation, please mail your donation to:

Junior Auxiliary of Conway

P.O Box 10418

   Conway, AR  72033