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Junior Auxiliary Prayer


Send us, O'God, as Thy messengers to the hearts without a home,

to lives without love,

to the crowds without a guide.

Send us to the children whom none have blessed,

to the famished whom none have visited,

to the fallen whom none have lifted,

to the bereaved whom none have comforted.


Kindle Thy flame on the altars of our hearts,

that others may be warmed thereby;

cause Thy light to shine in ours souls,

that others may see the way;

keep our sympathies and insight ready,

our wills keen,

our hands quick to help others in their need.


Grant us clear vision,

true judgment,

with great daring as we seek to right the wrong;

and so endow us with cheerful love

that we may minister to the suffering and forlorn

even as Thou wouldst.

May the blessing of God Almighty,

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

rest upon us and upon all our work.

May He give us light to guide us,

courage to support us,

and love to unite us now and forever more.